TRON Reveals Gambling Volume Soars to $ 14 Million

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TRON, the ticker TRX, the cryptocurrency that powers the blockchain-enabled decentralized protocol, was founded by in 2017 by Justin Sun, the immensely gifted, especially in the area of marketing, self-promotion, and hype raising, but somewhat controversial tech entrepreneur from China/Singapore.

In a nutshell, the TRON platform offers vast benefits for the developers of decentralized applications for the gaming and gambling industries, among which is the capability for creating provably fair blockchain-based casino games. DApp developers and content creators are rewarded with TRX for their contribution, though this cryptocurrency is widely used as a betting and payment vehicle in numerous online gambling platforms, among which is 1xBit, a fully crypto-minded sportsbook/online casino.
$5 billion worth of TRX to fuel the casinos in 2019
TRON occupies the 13th position on CoinMarketCap with a total market capitalization of $1,16 billion and the circulating supply of 66 billion TRX, as of writing.

$5 billion worth of TRX to fuel the casinos in 2019 

Naturally, TRON has been taking the world of online gambling by storm lately. According to a recent study, conducted by bestTRONcasinos, the outlet that provides comprehensive reviews of online casinos that incorporate TRX, the overall volume of TRX that is being gambled on a daily basis across dozens of platforms amount to the equivalent of $14 million.

Judging from this statistical data, TRX has already outperformed Ethereum, not to mention the other less significant cryptocurrencies, with regards to the popularity among gamblers. Although the leading position still belongs to Bitcoin, TRON continues to gain momentum. The same study claims that a total of $5 billion TRX is going to be gambled away over the course of the current year.

The representative of the analytical website said that 2019 has been overwhelmingly successful for TRON so far, as it continues to gain unparalleled traction among crypto players throughout the world. Also, the fact that many TRON introduced a profit-sharing model, with dividends being paid in TRX, works in favor of this cryptocurrency. And although the gambling industry, in general, had been somewhat reluctant to incorporate TRX in the past, this situation is starting to shift before our eyes.

1xBit greets TRX holders with a treat 

1xBit is among online gambling platforms that had welcomed TRX with open hands and included this young, yet already well-established cryptocurrency, in the list of its 20+ accepted cryptographic coins. And in order to make your playing experience even more prolonged and captivating, 1xBit offers an incredible welcome package of up to 7 BTC.

All players who deposit a minimum of 5 mBTC will be eligible for this amazing bonus that applies to both sports and casino betting. Make a deposit in TRX, or any other accepted cryptocurrency, now to become a member of the ever-growing crypto gambling community.