30 Jawaban Practice Test Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional Exam

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400-101: Profesional Perencanaan Media Bersertifikasi Facebook. Ujian ini mengukur kompetensi Anda dalam merancang strategi marketing Facebook end-to-end yang selaras dengan tujuan bisnis dan melengkapi rencana marketing secara menyeluruh.

DURASI UJIAN : 105 Menit
PESERTA UJIAN : Perencana digital, perencana media, perencana terprogram, perencana komunikasi, konsultan marketing, peran gabungan perencana dan pembelian.
BAHASA : Ujian ini saat ini hanya tersedia dalam bahasa Inggris.
Jawaban Practice Test Facebook Certified Media Planning

Practice Test - Planning

Ikuti tes praktik 30 pertanyaan ini untuk mempersiapkan ujian Profesional Perencanaan Media Bersertifikat Facebook. Ini akan menilai kemampuan Anda untuk memahami tujuan bisnis, mempelajari dan menerapkan wawasan untuk perencanaan kampanye, membuat rekomendasi media, dan memantau kinerja kampanye. Detail Kisi-Kisi Soal oleh Facebook Blueprint mengenai Practice Test - Planning adalah sebagai berikut ini :
  • P1.02 - Determine if and how Facebook fits within a holistic media strategy to meet an advertiser's goals
  • P1.03 - Review existing advertiser data sources (e.g., pixel, SDK, CRM) to make informed recommendations
  • P2.01 - Analyze past Facebook campaign performance to inform future campaigns
  • P2.02 - Utilize industry research to inform new opportunities
  • P3.01 - Choose a buying type (i.e., auction, reach and frequency, TRP)
  • P3.02 -  Determine appropriate placements
  • P3.03 - Determine an appropriate bidding strategy
  • P3.04 - Choose an appropriate campaign objective that maps to business goal(s)
  • P3.05 - Evaluate and recommend a targeting strategy based on advertiser’s business goals
  • P3.06 - Recommend a creative strategy that utilizes the appropriate assets based upon the desired placements, formats, and delivery
  • P3.07 - Recommend an appropriate budget based on key parameters
  • P3.08 - Forecast multiple outcomes of a proposed campaign
  • P3.09 - Determine a measurement and reporting approach that aligns with the campaign
  • P4.01 - Evaluate campaign performance against planned outcomes, and reassess and recommend a modified media plan as needed

Soal dan Jawaban Practice Test Facebook Certified Media Planning

1. A company has developed a new e-cigarette device. The company is happy that many online discussion boards have been created for like-minded consumers to discuss e-cigarette interests and would like to promote the new product and generate sales online. Which type of tactic can the company execute through Facebook ads?
  • Promote awareness of the product and generate direct sales from Facebook ads using any type of creative
  • Use product imagery for awareness, but can't sell products through Facebook ads
  • Connect consumers to blogs or groups for vaping-related interests that don't lead to sale of product
  • Sell products directly through Facebook ads using only product images

2. A retail advertiser has both physical store locations and an online ecommerce website. It implemented the Facebook pixel on its website, as well as standard events. The advertiser is launching a series of Facebook campaigns soon and wants to understand the consumer journey and conversions that have happened across channels. It also wants to report on which campaigns and what type of audiences are generating sales. What additional data source should the advertiser use to determine campaign performance?
  • Facebook pixel
  • Facebook SDK
  • Offline Conversions
  • Online Event Sets

3. An e-commerce retailer needs to reach customers with an offer available to existing customers only. The e-commerce retailer has the Facebook pixel installed across its site and is building audiences throughout the purchase journey. Which audience is the most appropriate?
  • Page followers
  • Lookalike Audience
  • Custom Audience
  • Interest-based audience

4. A new online-only skincare company launched a series of Facebook campaigns to increase awareness of its newest line of products. It saw positive results from the awareness campaigns and now wants to encourage people to request free samples of its products. The third phase of the company's marketing strategy is to create ads using the Catalog Sales objective and retarget people who have requested free samples. What should the advertiser do prior to creating its retargeting campaign?
  • Upload events sets using the Offline Conversions API
  • Place the 'purchase' standard event across all website pages
  • Remove products from the existing feed so only new products are featured
  • Implement the Facebook pixel and standard events across the website

5. An apparel company wants to launch a Facebook campaign using the Conversions objective. It will need to report on both purchase values and product type. What should the advertiser do?
  • Implement the purchase standard event and add parameters for value and product type
  • Implement the purchase standard event, and create two custom conversions for value and product type
  • Create two custom conversions: one each for purchase value and product type
  • Create three custom conversions: one each for purchase, value, and product type

6. An advertiser launched a campaign to increase traffic to its site with a secondary KPI of time on site, and notices a high bounce rate from people who came to the site from Facebook. The campaign is set up with a Traffic objective and optimized for impressions. How should the next campaign be set up to increase site visits?
  • A campaign using the Traffic objective, optimized for landing page views
  • A campaign using the Engagement objective, optimized for impressions
  • A campaign using the Traffic objective, optimized for link clicks
  • A campaign using the Reach objective, optimized for reach

7. How should the media planner advise the brand to evaluate performance using Campaign Budget Optimization?
  • Set specific spend limits by ad set using lowest cost with a bid cap
  • Using campaign budget optimization, delivery is optimized to drive efficient performance and CPAs at the campaign level to be evaluated holistically with an expected variance in ad set level performance
  • Use campaign budget optimization with bid caps across ad sets to inform delivery as needed
  • Set specific spend limits by ad set using target cost bidding strategies for some control

8. A UK retailer has a new watch for young women interested in sports and outdoor activities. This new watch can be linked to an app on the smartphone to record the owner's fitness metrics. The retailer is using Audience Insights to help design a campaign on Facebook for this new product. Which of the following categories in Audience Insights would help the retailer understand its audience better?
  • Location
  • Device preferences
  • Education
  • Purchase behavior

9. A media planner needs to maximize predictable reach at a controlled frequency for an upcoming campaign. They need to optimize for ad recall. Which buying option and objective should the media planner select to meet the requirements?
  • Reach and frequency with the Brand Awareness objective
  • Auction with the Brand Awareness objective
  • Reach and frequency with the Reach objective
  • Auction with the Video Views objective

10. A CPG food client is not achieving optimal frequency for its cereal product, and its purchase cycle is 10 weeks. It wants a more even frequency distribution, and to increase the likelihood that it will influence someone at the right moment during its purchase cycle. Which buying method and strategy should the media planner recommend?
  • Auction with a 12-week campaign
  • Reach and frequency with a 12-week campaign
  • Reach and frequency with an 8-week campaign
  • Auction with an 8-week campaign

11. An advertiser has seen great success using Facebook and Instagram feed over the past six months, but is now noticing that the CPM increased and delivery declined. It uses a Custom Audience based on CRM data, as well as both videos and images. What solution should the media planner recommend?
  • Automatic placements and Lookalike Audiences
  • Instagram and Facebook feed placements and interest-based audiences
  • Automatic placements and a narrower Custom Audience
  • In-stream video placement and Core Audiences

12. A brand manager needs its agency to recommend a Facebook strategy to generate awareness for a CPG product. The media plan must provide a list of all possible ad placements, platforms, websites and apps that an ad may be served on before any campaign is launched. The brand manager doesn't want to limit reach but prefers transparency over cost efficiencies. What placement selection should be used for this campaign?
  • Facebook and Instagram feed to ensure proper brand safety
  • Automatic placements and provide client with publisher list for pre-approval
  • Facebook feed only to ensure proper brand safety
  • Instagram and Facebook feed, Instagram Stories and Instant Articles

13. A media planner needs to determine the optimal strategy for an upcoming brand campaign for its financial services client. The client has the following:
  1. A 15-second video showcasing its new offering
  2. A goal to generate the most completed video views while maximizing its budget
  3. A restriction not to exceed its cost-per-completed view benchmark
Which optimization and bid strategy should the media planner select?
  • ThruPlay with cost cap
  • ThruPlay video views with bid cap
  • ThruPlay video with target cost
  • ThruPlay video views with target cost

14. A luxury jewelry brand is launching its first necklace collection and wants to use Instagram campaigns with the carousel ad format to increase conversions. The plan is to show a different necklace in each carousel card, linking to the website. It is important to the client that the CPA does not exceed $50. It is not certain how it should bid to achieve the desired result. What bid strategy should the media planner recommend to the client?
  • Lowest cost
  • Target cost
  • Bid cap
  • Cost cap

15. An online game retailer starts an ad campaign because sales have decreased in a specific region. The retailer has only one video to use in all of its media mix, and it wants to attract new customers and establish a stronger brand in the region. Which campaign objective should the retailer use?
  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Video Views
  • Brand Awareness

16. A well-known local banking brand plans to use video assets to make existing and potential customers aware of the main features of its newly launched debit card. The brand is unable to accept applications online and wants to get information about potential customers to connect through direct mail. Which campaign objective will achieve the brand's goal?
  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Video Views
  • Local Awareness

17. A band releases a new album. After friends and family follow the band on Facebook, traffic to its website fails to increase. The band needs to increase the number of website album purchases and has implemented the Facebook pixel. Which campaign objective should the band use?
  • Conversions
  • Brand awareness
  • Video views
  • Traffic

18. An online home accessories brand wants to generate in-store sales at its first store in Paris. The company wants this campaign to focus on attracting new customers. The current media budget is very limited.
Additional information:
  1. Audience: Women, ages 21-40
  2. Budget: $25,000
  3. Assets: ThruPlay video
  4. Past customers: 25,000
  5. Placements: Facebook Feed and Instagram Feed
What audience strategy should the media planner recommend?
  • "People who live in Paris, from a Lookalike Audience of loyal customers"
  • "People who live in Paris, from a Custom Audience of loyal customers"
  • Core Audience of people living in Paris
  • Lookalike audience of all website visitors who live in Paris

19. A restaurant chain wants to drive new customers to its 25 locations around the country. It has a highly qualified list of 2,000 customers likely to enjoy the restaurants based on cuisine and budget. How should the restaurant structure its strategy?
  • Use a Lookalike Audience with the Reach objective, and target the campaign to reach people in a radius around restaurant locations. Based on the results, consider using a Lookalike Audience.
  • Use a Custom Audience with the Store Traffic objective, using offers and discounts
  • Use the Reach objective around its store locations to reach the maximum number of people
  • Use a Lookalike Audience within the Store Traffic Objective, and target the campaign to reach people in a radius around restaurant locations

20. A financial services advertiser in the United Kingdom has historically focused on increasing website visitors and encouraging people to bank online. The advertiser wants to transition its current customer base from using the website for online banking to using its new mobile app. The app launched two days ago but has experienced less than 100 app installs. The advertiser has the following resources:
  1. Website with the Facebook pixel and standard events properly implemented
  2. Mobile app with the SDK and app events properly implemented
  3. A CRM database of current customers, segmented by those who do and do not currently use online banking
The media planner intends to create a campaign using the App Installs objective.
What is the appropriate audience to use for this campaign?
  • A Custom Audience of people who have installed the app
  • A Lookalike Audience of people who have visited the website in the past 30 days
  • A Custom Audience of people who currently use online banking
  • A Lookalike Audience of people who currently use online banking

21. An emerging beauty brand wants to start advertising with Facebook for the first time for its go-to market strategy. The company only has the following creative resources available:
  1. 6-second videos (4:5 aspect ratio)
  2. Static images (4:5 aspect ratio)
What is the optimal mix of placements that the media planner should recommend?
  • Instagram Stories, Instagram Feed, Facebook Feed
  • Instagram Feed, In-Stream and Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Stories, Facebook Feed and Right Column
  • In-Stream, Facebook Feed and Messenger

22. An agency recently A/B tested two creative assets for a beauty advertiser's brand awareness campaign. A carousel of product images featuring a new line of lipsticks was tested against a 30-second video tutorial. The results showed that the ad set featuring the carousel performed better and had the lower cost per result. In previous campaigns the video outperformed images. The planner needs to find out if videos perform better than static images for this client. What creative strategy should be tested for the next campaign?
  • The same carousel of images versus a shorter version of the original 30-second video
  • A new carousel of images versus the original 30-second video tutorial
  • The original 30-second video tutorial versus a 15-second version
  • The same carousel of images versus a single image featuring a collage of products

23. An advertiser needs to reach 50% of its target customers a minimum of three times per week over four weeks.
  1. The advertiser's target audience size is 2,000,000 people.
  2. The advertiser is using the reach and frequency buying type, and is able to control frequency accurately.
  3. The CPM projected in reach and frequency is $5.00.
  4. The advertiser is using Core Audiences for this campaign.
What is the minimum budget required for the advertiser to meet its goal?
  • $15,000
  • $30,000
  • $60,000
  • $120,000

24. A direct response company wants as many acquisitions as possible over a four-week period. The company estimates that it should be able to generate at least 10,000 conversions through its site, which has the Facebook pixel tracking to conversions. The client is willing to accept a return on investment of 2:1.
Additional information:
  1. Overall, each new customer is worth $30 in purchases.
  2. Current auction prices put the CPM at $5.00 and the CPC at $0.30.
  3. Facebook and Instagram have historically generated a 2% conversion rate on website visitors.
How much budget should the client allocate to the campaign to meet its conversion goals and minimum return on investment requirements?
  • $15,000
  • $30,000
  • $150,000
  • $300,000

25. A small non-profit organization in the US wants to generate awareness with Facebook ads using the reach and frequency buying type.
Additional information:
  1. The organization wants to maximize its reach over a 3-week campaign, but this requires a budget of almost $2,500,000.
  2. The organization's maximum budget is $1,000,000.
  3. The organization keeps the two impressions per 7-day parameter.
What are the effects of decreasing the budget to $1,000,000? (Choose 2)
  • Overall reach will decrease
  • Average frequency will increase
  • Potential audience size will decrease
  • CPM will decrease

26. A client is launching a new app and has a budget of $1,000,000 to promote the app using Facebook ads.
Additional information:
  1. Most effective frequency: 2 impressions per person
  2. Average CPM to reach the most valuable audience: $20.00
  3. Average percentage of people who install the app when they see 2 impressions: 5%
  4. The media planner needs to follow best practices and use historical data to inform the strategy.
How many app installs could be achieved when the campaign is optimized?
  • 2,500,000
  • 1,250,000
  • 500,000
  • 1,000,000

27. A small, family-owned book retailer has traditionally sold books in-store. The retailer has found an even greater return on investment from sales online. Which methods should the advertiser use to measure the effectiveness of its Facebook campaigns? (Choose 2)
  • An offline Conversion Lift test to determine the effect of Facebook ads on in-store sales
  • A Nielsen Brand Effect test to determine how many people remember seeing its ads
  • A Facebook A/B test to determine what types of creatives sell more books
  • An online Conversion Lift test to determine the impact of its Facebook campaigns on online sales

28. An established CPG brand launches its first Facebook campaign. The campaign will be set up to:
  1. Reach 70% of its desired audience of people ages 25-44.
  2. Deliver at a frequency of twice per week.
  3. Feature a variety of 6-second videos.
  4. Measure the shift in purchase intent of its product.
What should a planning professional recommend?
  • Facebook Brand Lift test
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Facebook ads reporting
  • Facebook Conversion Lift test

29. A company experiences a decline in purchases among its younger audience. This audience is the company's most profitable, due to frequency of consumption. Focus groups have provided feedback that the company's brand is perceived as "too old" and "boring". The company decides to schedule a rebranding campaign, but does NOT understand how this audience consumes media.
  1. Desired audience: Ages 13-25
  2. Purchases within desired audience: Down 20% YOY
  3. Brand purchase intent: 15% of desired audience
  4. Channels used previously: TV, press, radio, display
What two steps should the company take to help develop its campaign? (Choose 2)
  • Analyze the information about its desired audience using Audience Insights
  • Create relevant posts and boost them to get more fans on its Page
  • Use Ads Manager to understand which channels are most effective at achieving its goal
  • Choose the Traffic objective to encourage customers to make a purchase on the website

30. A fast food company uses a TV commercial asset for a video campaign to communicate its new product. The video average watch time is lower than its average video campaign. When segmenting the reports by placement, the video average watch time is 3 seconds for Instagram Stories and 12 seconds for Facebook News Feed. What should the company do to increase the video average watch time without decreasing the potential reach?
  • Remove Instagram Stories from placements
  • Use an adaptation of the TV commercial for vertical screens
  • Use a 10 second version of the TV commercial on Facebook campaigns
  • Pause the video campaign and create an engagement campaign with image ads

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