30 Jawaban Practice Test Facebook Creative Strategy Professional Exam

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300-101: Strategi Kreatif Kreatif Bersertifikasi Facebook. Ujian ini mengidentifikasi kandidat yang memiliki kompetensi maju dalam keterampilan strategis yang diperlukan untuk mengembangkan brief kreatif yang digerakkan oleh wawasan, menginspirasi dan meningkatkan dampak kreatif mobile, dan mendorong hasil yang lebih baik di Facebook, Instagram dan Messenger.

DURASI UJIAN : 90 menit
AUDIENCE UJIAN : Strategi profesional dengan pengalaman mengembangkan strategi periklanan kreatif di Facebook, Instagram dan Messenger untuk merek.
BAHASA : Ujian ini saat ini hanya tersedia dalam bahasa Inggris.
Jawaban Practice Test Facebook Creative Strategy

Practice Test - Creative Strategy

Ikuti tes praktik 30 pertanyaan ini untuk ujian Profesional Strategi Kreatif Facebook untuk mengidentifikasi area fokus untuk persiapan. Tes latihan akan menilai pengetahuan Anda tentang dasar-dasar ponsel pertama, penelitian dan wawasan, pengembangan brief, dan evaluasi dan pengukuran. Detail Kisi-Kisi Soal oleh Facebook Blueprint mengenai Practice Test - Creative Strategy adalah sebagai berikut ini :
  • CS1.01 - Outline consumers' shift to mobile and Facebook's position within the shift to creative teams.
  • CS1.02 - Select which Facebook capabilities and products map to which of the various components of the marketing funnel.
  • CS1.03 - Demonstrate understanding of how to brief for mobile creative within an overall creative brief
  • CS1.04 - Explain principles of high-quality and effective mobile-first creative.
  • CS2.01 - Given a client's business objectives, determine the appropriate Facebook marketing objectives
  • CS2.02 - Explain how creative and Facebook capabilities effect campaign delivery.
  • CS2.03 - Define the Facebook resources and capabilities available to inform the creative development process. 
  • CS2.04 - Demonstrate how Facebook resources or capabilities can be used to develop creative better suited to specific verticals and desired target audiences.
  • CS2.05 - Given Facebook data, determine the relevant insights to include in a creative brief.
  • CS3.01 - Given campaign objectives (awareness, consideration, or conversion) and KPIs, explain how Facebook products and capabilities can improve creative development and influence campaign delivery and outcomes.
  • CS3.02 - Given a client's business objectives, decide which Facebook audience targeting capabilities to utilize in development of the creative brief.
  • CS4.01 - Classify Facebook measurement solutions that are used to evaluate creative and campaign across different phases of creative and campaign development. 
  • CS4.02 - Given a creative sample, critique quality and effectiveness from a mobile perspective.
  • CS4.03 - Given Facebook creative and campaign measurement results, determine key findings with regard to impact and efficacy of creative and campaign.
  • CS4.04 - Given Facebook creative and campaign measurement results, determine recommended modifications.

Soal dan Jawaban Practice Test Facebook Creative Strategy

1. A client who is new to advertising online wants to create video ads on a small production budget using existing vertical assets. What creative option should the strategist suggest?
  • Ads in Stories
  • Instant Experience
  • Image ad
  • Carousel

2. Which three of the following consumer behaviors have been driven by greater use of mobile devices? (Choose 3)
  • People are consuming content on multiple screens at the same time
  • People are more receptive to brands and advertisements
  • Mobile consumption behaviors are very similar to TV consumption behaviors
  • Video views across all platforms are increasing
  • Communication is evolving to be fast and visual-first

3. What is the primary reason for a strategist to recommend A/B testing?
  • To get results on which creative performs best within a day
  • To test different versions of ads to see what performs best
  • To test both delivery and ad creative at the same time
  • To get results on which creative works best on multiple platforms

4. A brand needs to edit a TV commercial into an ad for Facebook. What is best practice for this new edit?
  • Keep the sound exactly as it appears in the original TV commercial
  • Start with high volume sound at the start to capture attention
  • Design the ad so that it communicates with sound off or on
  • Use a horizontal aspect ratio

5. Which platforms can be used to run ads in Stories?
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Facebook, Instagram and Messenger
  • Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp Status
  • Instagram

6. A brand is set to launch a new product and wants to run a mobile campaign to drive brand awareness. What consideration should be included?
  • Create a video asset focusing on the brand in the first few frames
  • Include a clear call to action from the first few frames
  • Design for sound on but delight with sound off
  • Use text overlays instead of a CTA button

7. A client wants to repurpose last quarter's TV commercial assets as creative for a Facebook Video Views campaign. The video ad must perform well across Facebook platforms. Based on mobile-first best practices, which two revision recommendations should be given to the client to meet this requirement? (Choose 2)
  • Move the brand logo lockup and message to the back to drive video view completions
  • Use text and graphics overlay
  • Make the most out of the available real estate and consider how to frame the video asset
  • Strip out all sound from the video asset
  • Extend the length of the video asset

8. An ecommerce client needs a mobile-first idea to drive sales, and the creative team suggests a standalone 30-second brand video asset. What feedback should be given to the creative team?
  • Lengthen the video because 30 seconds is too short for mobile
  • Use the Engagement objective
  • Use a vertical aspect ratio
  • Design only for sound on

9. Which element is the LEAST important for creating an effective story?
  • Clear branding
  • Fast, multiple scenes
  • Leveraging the entire vertical frame
  • The logo at the end of the story

10. A travel client has a promotional video it wants to use on mobile. Specifically, it wants to edit the video for mobile Facebook News Feed. What recommendation should the strategist provide to the client?
  • Place the brand or logo at the end of the video
  • Videos should be 15 seconds or less
  • Design for sound off only
  • Avoid the use of subtitles

11. A creative agency wants to learn more about its target audience (page followers), including aggregate information about geography, demographics. Which tool should the creative agency use?
  • Audience Insights
  • Ads Manager
  • Campaign Planner
  • Facebook IQ

12. A client wants to run a strictly mobile campaign to promote brand awareness. It has existing TV and video assets that performed well and it wants to repurpose these assets for its digital campaign. Which two practices should a strategist use to help the creative succeed on mobile? (Choose 2)
  • Add brand messaging in the first seconds
  • Use 1.91:1 formatting for existing assets
  • Add subtitles to existing assets
  • Use existing assets as is
  • Choose Instagram as the ad placement

13. Which three placements can display carousel ads? (Choose 3)
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Audience Network
  • Sponsored Messages

14. Which three measurement solutions can an advertiser use to understand how well campaigns are performing? (Choose 3)
  • Brand Lift
  • Instagram Insights
  • Audience Network
  • Conversion Lift
  • A/B testing

15. A client needs to create specific assets aligned with three segments within its target audience. Which of the following tools should be used to gather information about the targeted segments?
  • Reach objective
  • Campaign Planner
  • Audience Insights
  • Reach and Frequency

16. A client who has never advertised on Facebook wants to move all advertising spend to the platform. Which two tools could the client use to plan its campaigns? (Choose 2)
  • Ads Manager
  • Audience Insights
  • Messenger
  • Audience Network

17. A client needs actionable data about consumer behavior, marketing and measurement to plan its next mobile campaign brief. Where should the strategist go to find this information?
  • Facebook IQ
  • Business Manager
  • Facebook Blueprint
  • Facebook Page Insights

18. A brand wants to develop different creative assets for three key segments within its target audience. Which of the following Audience Insights capabilities will help in the development of a brief?
  • Review spend on previous campaigns
  • Evaluate ad diagnostics on previous campaigns
  • Build a Lookalike Audience
  • Compare audiences based on demographics

19. A pharmaceutical company based in the United States is launching 20-second video ads in the over-the-counter pain management medication category. The campaign includes three 20-second video ads that feature three different storylines about daily pain management. The primary audience is adults living in the United States, ages 35-65 and older. The primary campaign goal is to drive ad recall. What is a recommended practice for the creative?
  • Use clinical terminology in the script
  • Increase the duration of the videos to 30 seconds each
  • Design the video ads to work well with the sound off
  • Add fine print to all videos

20. A US-based apartment rental company wants to run Facebook ads to reach potential apartment movers in San Francisco. The company offers a website and app that provide customized apartment recommendations based on movers' budget, preference and amenity needs. The company has contracted a marketing agency to help set up the campaign, and is meeting with the strategist for the first time. The strategist does not have any context on the company's efforts to date. What three pieces of information should the strategist request from the company at this stage? (Choose 3)
  • Preferred ad formats
  • Existing app data
  • Existing audience information
  • Preferred measurement solutions
  • Business objectives

21. A client wants to run an awareness campaign for its new product with a link to click through to the store and buy the product. The client's KPIs are brand lift and conversions. What is an appropriate response to this brief?
  • Asking a campaign to deliver both awareness and clicks is not good practice
  • Awareness campaigns with a clear call to visit website tend to perform better
  • It is important to ensure that an ad's length is at least 20 seconds long
  • Facebook campaign delivery can prioritize awareness and clicks to website at the same time

22. An ecommerce client running a DR campaign does not want to use Stories ads, and says the Stories ad placement is only for brand campaigns. What advice should the strategist give the client?
  • Use Stories ads because they can drive sales outcomes
  • Use Stories ads because they always produce cost-effective clickthrough rates
  • Do not use Stories ads because Instagram is for communities, not businesses
  • Do not use Stories ads because they are only effective for promoting new brands

23. A client is using a Brand Lift test to test a new brand awareness campaign. Which approach will deliver the most useful output?
  • Test by segmenting the audience by demographics, and serve specific creative to each group
  • Ensure that a consistent target audience is tested with different creatives
  • Create as many variables as possible for the test, including creative, placement and timing
  • Keep creative consistent across all audiences during the test

24. A retailer wants to sell its T-shirts to women, and it would like to showcase many of its products in the ad. It has a product catalog connected to its Facebook Page, and has many followers on its Facebook Page and visitors to its website. What should a strategist recommend to best meet the client's goals?
  • Carousel ads showcasing the women's product catalog directed to a Page Lookalike Audience.
  • Carousel ads showcasing the product catalog directed to an audience of women who like fashion.
  • Single image ads showcasing the bestselling item from the women's product catalog directed at women
  • Single image ads showcasing the bestselling item retargeted to a Custom Audience of women who have visited the website

25. A movie studio is about to launch a new movie and wants to use the original movie trailer created for large screens. The creative agency suggests that the studio adapt the creative to fit a mobile screen. Two versions of the trailer have been prepared. Which Facebook test should be used to determine which creative is more appropriate?
  • A/B testing to show two different versions of the ad
  • Brand Lift test to measure brand recall for one of the ads
  • Conversion Lift test to measure attendance at the movie theater
  • Comparison test to show two ads to the same audience

26. A client wants to move its spend to mobile, and is preparing its creative assets for the change. It also wants its ads to be engaging, clickable and interactive, and prefers to use pre-existing and solution-based templates when combining creative assets. When reviewing the existing creative, it found that it had powerful images and short, attention-grabbing videos, and wants to leverage multiple assets in its ads. Which creative format should the client use?
  • Instant Experience
  • 360 Video
  • Ads with music
  • Image ads

27. A movie trailer that was created for movie screens displays on Facebook. Which recommendation should be provided to make the ad perform better on mobile?
  • Reformat the trailer to a 9:16 vertical format
  • Extend the video to 60 seconds or longer
  • Do not use subtitles and make sure people watch with the sound on
  • Always add stickers

28. A cosmetics company that typically targets millennials launches several new lipsticks and wants to raise consideration of the new product line. It creates a campaign with the following characteristics:
  1. Use of multiple videos to demonstrate the colors, packaging and application of the product
  2. Each ad includes a video and a link to the website to buy the lipstick
  3. A properly set-up pixel
  4. The target audience has been expanded to include non-millennials
  5. The campaign objective is Conversions
  6. Low video engagement
Which step should be taken to revise the next iteration of the campaign?
  • Redefine the preferred standard event
  • Add filters to the video
  • Change the campaign objective to Video Views
  • Set up offline events using the Facebook pixel

29. A creative strategist is running a DR campaign to advertise sunglasses using static images. The images included a photoshoot of several popular movie stars running through a field wearing the sunglasses. The campaign is shown on Instagram and Facebook in five countries. The campaign only gets 200 impressions. Which two actions should the strategist use to modify the campaign to drive results? (Choose 2)
  • Include static image and video assets within the same campaign
  • Change image order so that highest-selling products show last
  • Adjust the creative to feature close-up images of the product
  • Run new, separate campaigns on Facebook and Instagram with different creative
  • Retarget the countries where engagement impressions were low

30. A brand creates a Facebook campaign targeting its current customers. The campaign runs successfully, but engagement deteriorates after five weeks. Which two actions would most likely improve engagement? (Choose 2)
  • Refresh the campaign with a new creative execution
  • Increase the media budget
  • Target a Lookalike Audience
  • Change the campaign ad objective
  • Add people who like the brand's Facebook Page to the target audience

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