23 Soal dan Jawaban SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit Certification

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Ujian SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit - Apakah Anda seorang ahli toolkit Pemasaran Konten? Uji seberapa banyak yang Anda ketahui dalam ujian GRATIS, yang mencakup semua tentang alat ini. Lulus tes dan dapatkan sertifikasi SEMrush resmi!
Jawaban SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit Certification

Jawaban SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit Certification

Catatan: Jawaban terdapat dibawah pertanyaan dengan huruf tebal.

1. You CANNOT sort sources by mentions, or filter out only blog mentions in the Brand Monitoring tool

2. To see audience, engagement and activity for your social media accounts, you would create an On Page SEO Checker campaign.

3. Look at the image below. According to the Keyword Magic Tool’s embedded feature, Keyword Analyzer, it will be easier to get higher position in Google if you write an article using the first set of keywords.

4. Which tools should a marketing specialist use to assess their online reputation? Choose two answers.
Social Media Tracker
Brand Monitoring

5. You have written a new article and it was published on several websites. Which SEMrush tool should you use to monitor your article’s exposure?
Post Tracking

6. The On Page SEO Checker report, as shown in the image below, shows signs of keyword stuffing, based on comparison with your competitors

7. You’ve set up the Social Media Tracker to monitor social media activity. You’ve posted on Facebook five times within the last month. Why does the tool show zero activity on Facebook?
All of your posts were made more than 7 days ago

8. Which tool helps you stay informed of changes in your article’s position in Google’s organic search for a chosen keyword?
Post Tracking

9. Which SEMrush tools should you use to find the most resonant ideas for your content based on people’s search queries and questions about a specific topic? Choose two answers.
Topic Research
Keyword Magic Tool

10. What are the SEO Content Template Tool’s key recommendations based on?
Analysis of your top 10 rivals in Google

11. What does the TF-IDF metric from On Page SEO Checker show?
How important a word is to a specific document

12. With the help of which tool can you get SEO recommendations for your future articles based on analysis of your Google top 10 organic competitors?
SEO Content Template

13. Which SEMrush tool can be integrated with your Google Analytics account in order to see how your blog posts perform?
Content Audit

14. Which metrics does the Social Media Tracker NOT track for a Facebook account?
Page views

15. The Post Tracking tool allows you to monitor the sources of your articles’ backlinks.

16. You are about to start writing an article and want to get ideas for a chosen topic. You type your keyword in the Topic Research tool’s search bar and select a desired subtopic within the generated report. Which of the following insights would the tool offer you for each subtopic? Choose three answers.
Related searches

17. When working with the Topic Research tool, you can enter your domain name. What is the purpose of this?
To highlight the subtopics you’ve already written about in order to avoid creating duplicate content

18. Which two types of notifications can you set up in the Marketing Calendar?

19. What can be done with the help of the Marketing Calendar? Choose three answers.
Arranging and customizing marketing campaigns and activities
Assigning tasks within marketing activities to other users
Sharing your calendars with other users

20. Which metrics AREN’T available in the Content Audit report? Choose three answers.
Domain age
Amount of paid keywords
Domain score

21. Which metrics are available in the Content Audit report? Choose three answers.
Words count
Bounce Rate

22. While exploring the Social Media Tracker, you find out that your best-performing post on Twitter earned 120 likes, 18 retweets, and 12 replies, while your competitor’s top post got 147 likes and 53 retweets. Your audience is comprised of 9,000 users, and your competitor’s — 12,000 users. Whose post has a higher engagement rate?
Your post

23. Look at the list of recommended keywords from the SEO Writing Assistant. Why are some of these keywords highlighted green?
You’ve already used these keywords within your copy

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