50 Soal dan Jawaban Sertifikasi YouTube Channel Growth

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Sertifikasi YouTube Channel Growth - Lansekap media saat ini sedang berubah, dan manajer saluran dapat mempelajari cara terbaik untuk mendukung dan menumbuhkan saluran yang mereka kelola di ekosistem YouTube dengan menilai bagaimana suatu saluran cocok dengan berbagai kategori konten. Ikuti Ujian YouTube Channel Growth, dan dapatkan sertifikat Anda.Jawaban Sertifikasi YouTube Channel GrowthSoal dan Kunci Jawaban YouTube Channel Growth
Catatan: Jawaban terdapat di bawah pertanyaan dengan huruf tebal.

1. Which factor may contribute to a video being demonetized due to advertiser-unfriendliness?
The video contains age-restricted material.

2. If the largest traffic source is external, what opportunity could you take?
Partner with additional websites to drive more traffic to the channel.

3. What is one way that channel managers help grow a channel?
Evaluate the channel’s role in the ecosystem and how it can leverage the other elements of the ecosystem.

4. How can multi-line graphs help distinguish video performance?
See the performance of up to 25 videos at a glance.

5. How might you incorporate the audience into a mission statement?
Identify the target audience and why they would be interested in the channel.

6. What is a direct way to earn revenue on YouTube?
Producing content that is eligible for monetization

7. Who are the three key players that drive the YouTube ecosystem?
Viewers, Creators, Advertisers

8. What is a way to use the "Compare" feature in YouTube Analytics to determine benchmarks?
Compare performance metrics between two separate time periods.

9. Which is not an example of a measurable question that you can ask during a channel assessment?
What should we do next on our channel?

10. Which of the following ad formats typically has the highest CPMs?
Display ads

11. What is an example of YouTube Analytics data that can help you with your business goal?
Average view duration for subscribers

12. What action could you take to optimize content based on seeing a flat audience retention curve?
Create more videos similar to this one, since this is regarded as the ideal audience retention.

13. Which compare metric would you use with the Watch time report to determine whether channel programming is Hero, Hub, or Help?
Videos published

14. Which could be a reason that two videos with similar monetizable view counts earn different revenue?
Enablement of different ad formats

15. Why is it important to connect your YouTube channel with an AdSense account?
So that you can get paid for ad revenue.

16. How can you estimate which ad formats are earning the most revenue?
Use the Ad rates report to compare the estimated revenue amounts generated from each ad type.

17. Which type of ad inventory is bought and sold based on a set, negotiated CPM.

18. What low-investment strategies could a channel do that may help increase viewership in a particular country?
Leverage your community to crowd source captions and metadata translations.

19. If a serious news channel has a mission to "shine a light on underreported stories around the globe," what might it want to feature in its channel trailer?
Video clip examples of these underreported stories and a call-to-action to subscribe

20. If you want to adjust the channel's demographic to attract primarily 13-17 year old females, what could you do to shift this demographic?
Produce more content that matches popular trends of teen girls and set a publishing schedule to align with after-school hours.

21. Which is not one of the metrics suggested for analyzing the Traffic Sources report?
The number of traffic sources divided by the number of viewers

22. Why is it important to look at the overall revenue and CPMs per country?
To identify how each country contibutes to overall revenue based on viewership and CPMs.

23. How can you best determine changes in traffic sources over time?
Look at a multi-line graph of traffic sources over a date range.

24. What is a best practice many channels use for their sections?
Populate the top section with popular videos.

25. Which is a good example of a mission statement for a YouTube channel?
Bring the most delicious food content around — with features, explainers, animations, recipes, and much more.

26. What information can you include in the channel description to assist unsubscribed viewers?
Video upload schedule

27. If a particular content format underperforms, what action might be appropriate?
Investigate what can be done to increase performance of these videos.

28. Which one of the following is not something you would check for when evaluating how thumbnails drive discovery?
Thumbnails are low-resolution images so that they load quickly.

29. If you want the option of gambling or alcohol ads to appear on your channel videos, what do you need to do?
Opt into sensitive ads.

30. What is the most common revenue stream channels use to earn money on YouTube?
Ad revenue

31. When do fluctuations in CPMs typically happen?
CPMs rise at the end of a quarter and dip at the beginning of a quarter.

32. Which one of these techniques is not listed as a way to drive traffic from social media?
Use a different name and logo across social media so the YouTube channel is unique.

33. How would you find out if different video series have different audiences?
Group videos together and look at the Demographics report.

34. What is a recommended action to support Hub content programming?
Communicate the publishing schedule in the video description.

35. Why is having an audience match important?
Poor audience match could slow channel growth and/or reduce audience retention.

36. If an entertaining piece of content turns out to be highly searched for, what could that indicate?
Demand for educational content

37. How might you know if you are increasing your subscriber watch time?
You will see a spike in subscriber watch time after a video is published.

38. Why is it important to identify the traffic sources of subscribers?
To focus your promotional efforts where subscribers are discovering your content

39. What options can channels have to restrict the types of ads that are shown on their channel?
Channels can block the types of ads that may be inappropriate to the channel, like sensitive or age-appropriate ads or competing ads.

40. What action could you take to optimize content if you see a sudden drop in audience retention at the beginning of the video?
Ensure the title, thumbnail, and description reflect the video content.

41. What can you learn by analyzing videos that keep subscribers coming back?
What are the characteristics of the videos enjoyed by subscribers?

42. Which one of the following is not recommended for playlists?
Remove videos that are older than 6 months.

43. What is a recommended action to support Hero content programming?
Explore collaborations or cross-promotions to amplify content.

44. What is the difference between reserve and auction ads?
Reserve ads guarantee impressions and have higher costs than auction ads.

45. What metric found in the End Screens report can help you improve the viewer experience?
Number of times an end screen element is shown and clicked

46. Ad formats are requested in which order?
Instream, Overlay, Display

47. Which of the following content types deters advertisers from showing ads on your videos?
Explicit language

48. You have an English channel and notice that more viewership is starting to come from two Latin American countries that speak Spanish and Portuguese. What is something simple you can consider doing to maximize this opportunity?
Add subtitles/CC and localized metadata for these countries’ languages.

49. What information from YouTube Analytics can help you optimize video metadata?
Top keywords people search for to find your videos

50. Why would you want to review the ratio of views being converted to ads?
To see the approximate ratio of how many views resulted in an ad being served and how it is trending over time.

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