49 Soal dan Jawaban Sertifikasi Youtube Content Ownership

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Sertifikasi Youtube Content Ownership - Ingin tahu tentang hak cipta? Cari tahu mengapa penting untuk mempertimbangkan hak cipta saat menerbitkan konten secara online. Kenali alat apa yang tersedia untuk pembuat dan pemilik konten untuk menangani perlindungan hak cipta di YouTube. Ikuti Ujian YouTube Channel Growth, dan dapatkan sertifikat Anda.
Jawaban Sertifikasi Youtube Content Ownership

Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Youtube Content Ownership

Catatan: Jawaban terdapat di bawah pertanyaan dengan huruf tebal.

1. Which watch time report will tell you where on the web viewers are watching your content?
Playback locations

2. What are the implications of selecting the claim option "block outside ownership"?
Your video will be made unavailable in countries where you don't own the asset.

3. Why is it important to review potentially invalid reference content?
To verify the content complies with Content ID guidelines

4. Someone at your company is unfamiliar with how YouTube defines the term “asset.” How would you describe it to them?
Container for information about a piece of intellectual property

5. A partner would like to organize its YouTube asset library into groups. Which feature would you recommend they use?
Asset labels

6. If a content owner deactivates a reference file, it will:
Stop claiming new user-uploaded content that matches the reference file

7. What happens if YouTube’s system detects a low confidence match?
The claim is routed for review by the content owner

8. What might make an account be eligible for access to Content Manager?
They manage a large, or multi-channel, content repository.

9. What is the final step when using the Package uploader?
Process the package.

10. Which kind of content is eligible as a Content ID reference file?
Content with exclusive territorial rights

11. What form of expression is not subject to copyright?
Video title

12. Which is a benefit of filtering data for analysis?
To hide non-relevant information.

13. What are three dimensions that can provide insight into the sources of watch time?
Geography, device, and language.

14. Which metric can provide the best insights into channel performance?
Watch time.

15. You have an asset ownership conflict because you accidentally declared ownership for Canada. What should you do?
Remove your asset ownership for Canada

16. When is a user video scanned by Content ID to see if it matches any delivered reference material?
As it is uploaded and at intervals later on

17. What can you do to avoid partner strikes for copyright violations?
Maintain proper internal controls and educate your channels

18. Partner A and Partner B deliver reference files with some overlapping content. On the Reference overlaps page, Partner B selects “Exclude”. What happens to user videos that match only the excluded portion?
These go to Partner A.

19. How does YouTube handle valid infringement notifications from copyright owners?
Removes the video from the site and issues a copyright strike to the uploader.

20. After how many days does a pending claim expire?
30 days

21. What is a reason to update assets if your ownership rights change in some territories?
Reduce asset ownership conflicts because you no longer have the rights and cannot apply your policies in those territories

22. Copyright protects original work. Which of the following is an example of a video that you may not be able to protect by copyright?
A video made entirely from a compilation of funny clips from YouTube videos found on other channels

23. What is a benefit of managing your content with SFTP or the Aspera Dropbox solution?
Ease of scalability

24. What is a method to create a reference file from a new or unclaimed video?
Claim the video and enable Content ID matches

25. While reviewing disputes, you see a disputed claim made because of a match to a short clip of non-exclusive content included in your otherwise valid reference file. What is the best action for you to take?
Release the claim and exclude the matched portion from your reference to prevent future matches

26. Which of the following is true of Content ID?
Content ID enables rights holders to block, track, or monetize uploads that use copyrighted content.

27. Which two policies would enable you to monetize all user-uploaded videos, but make partner-uploaded videos unavailable on your channel?
Usage Policy = Block, Match Policy = Monetize

28. Two partners have a reference overlap. What happens if the second partner to deliver the reference file selects "Assert Exclusive Rights"?
The first partner will be asked to review the overlap, and either assert exclusive rights or exclude the overlapping segment from their reference.

29. What are the usage rights for music selected from YouTube’s Audio Library?
Any music can be used in videos according to the terms specified.

30. What form of expression is subject to copyright?
Literary work

31. You’ve delivered a reference file that contains identical audio, video, or audiovisual material as a reference file previously delivered by another partner. What is the result?
The reference overlap is surfaced for you to review and address.

32. How would you specify which types of advertisements YouTube displays for a video?
You specify ad types using advertising settings, which are distinct from a rights policy.

33. Imagine someone uploads a video to YouTube with copyrighted material. If the copyright owner sets a policy to block user uploads, what happens?
It’s marked as unavailable for viewing in the territories specified by the copyright owner.

34. A user disputes a claim, after which you review the video and decide it should be removed from YouTube for using your copyrighted content. What happens if you select “takedown” on this disputed claim?
A legal takedown notice is issued against this video.

35. What are you allowed to do with content on YouTube that has a Creative Commons license?
Reuse per terms of the license

36. How does copyright apply to a cover song?
Is considered a reproduction and permission may be needed from the original content creator before it is used.

37. What is a translation of an existing work considered?
Derivative work

38. An automated Content ID claim is made for a user-uploaded video, and the user who uploaded the video disputes the claim. As the copyright owner of the video, what option would you choose if you no longer wish to assert your rights on the disputed content?

39. Which two policy settings will activate the following: Monetize uploaded content on your channel and Track all user uploads?
Usage Policy = Monetize, Match Policy = Track

40. YouTube receives a legal notice to take down a video uploaded by a creator without the copyright owner's permission. What will the creator receive?
Warning of possible account termination if copyright abuse continues

41. When is copyright attached to a creative work?
As soon as the creative work is fixed in a tangible medium of expression

42. What do you need to use somebody's copyrighted work in your video?
Explicit permission from the copyright owner

43. When should you seek permission to use copyrighted work?
Before you upload your video to YouTube

44. How would you explain a policy to a partner who wants to control their content on YouTube?
Set of rules that specify whether to monetize, track, or block a claimed video

45. Imagine a copyright takedown notice was mistakenly issued for content uploaded to YouTube. Which party may retract the notice?
The one that originally submitted the notice

46. How does YouTube help manage the rights for content you upload to the platform?
Builds technologies such as Content ID to help manage rights at scale.

47. If you need advice on an issue related to copyright law, whom should you ask?
An attorney

48. Your company has given another party the right to use your content in their videos. How would you prevent an automated Content ID claim from happening on their channel?
Whitelist the other party’s channel.

49. While reviewing disputes, you see a disputed claim from an uploader who has obtained a valid license. What should you do?
Release the claim

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