30 Jawaban Practice Test Facebook Certified Buying Professional Exam

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410-101: Profesional Pembelian Iklan Media Bersertifikasi Facebook. Ujian ini mengidentifikasi kandidat yang memiliki kompetensi tingkat lanjut dalam keterampilan, alat, kebijakan iklan, dan praktik terbaik yang diperlukan untuk membeli iklan di Facebook, Instagram, dan Messenger.

DURASI UJIAN : 105 Menit
PESERTA UJIAN : Pembeli media digital, orang penjualan akun, manajer akun, eksekutif akun, eksekutif marketing, manajer media sosial, marketer merek, konsultan marketing.
BAHASA : Ujian ini saat ini hanya tersedia dalam bahasa Inggris.
Jawaban Practice Test Facebook Certified Buying

Practice Test - Buying

Ikuti tes praktik 30-pertanyaan ini untuk mempersiapkan ujian Profesional Pembelian Bersertifikat Facebook. Ini akan menilai pengetahuan Anda tentang perencanaan, pengaturan, optimalisasi dan pengukuran kampanye. Detail Kisi-Kisi Soal oleh Facebook Blueprint mengenai Practice Test - Buying adalah sebagai berikut ini :
  • B1.01 - Explain fundamentals of Facebook buying
  • B1.02 - Align Facebook campaign to business goals
  • B1.03 - Given a scenario, determine when and how to use the Facebook pixel, SDK, and Offline Conversions
  • B1.04 - Given a scenario, determine target audience
  • B1.05 - Given a scenario, determine the appropriate measurement method and/or reporting platform based on the business goal
  • B1.06 - Given a scenario, determine appropriate ad format and if creative aligns with creative considerations
  • B1.07 - Adhere to Facebook policies
  • B2.01 - Articulate the capabilities of Business Manager
  • B2.02 - Given a scenario, choose the appropriate campaign setup
  • B2.03 - Determine when and where to apply tracking parameters based on the desired business goal
  • B3.02 - Given a scenario, utilize best practices to optimize Facebook campaigns by adjusting advertiser controls
  • B4.01 - Apply available options when building ad reports
  • B4.02 - Given a scenario, analyze measurement study reports
  • B4.03 - Given a scenario, determine how to adjust future campaigns based on campaign results

Soal dan Jawaban Practice Test Facebook Buying Professional

1. A jewelry advertiser wants to increase awareness of its brand among women 25-45 years old in Scotland. Since the brand has no brand awareness in this country, it would like its ads to reach at least 45% of its target audience. How should the media buyer set up the campaign?
  • Create an auction campaign with the Brand Awareness objective
  • Create an auction campaign with the Reach objective
  • Create a reach and frequency campaign with the Brand Awareness objective
  • Create a reach and frequency campaign with the Reach objective

2. An advertiser is experiencing under delivery on one of its campaigns. The advertiser receives many negative reactions and comments on the ad and enlists the help of a community manager to address these comments. What is most likely causing under delivery?
  • The audience needs to be narrowed to reach a more applicable set of people
  • The bid cap is too low for the holiday season
  • The advertiser needs to set up a reach and frequency campaign
  • The user value is affecting the performance in the auction

3. A company is launching a new product, its first product in this vertical.
  1. Assets: video, product detail images
  2. Audience: Women ages 25-55
Which objective and optimization for ad delivery should be used to achieve maximum awareness?
  • Brand Awareness objective, optimized for ad recall lift
  • Engagement (post engagement) objective, optimized for post engagement
  • Traffic objective, optimized for link clicks
  • Video Views objective, optimized for video views

4. A company wants to encourage customers who are considering a product to make a purchase. Which three solutions should be used to accomplish this goal? (Choose 3)
  • Website Custom Audiences created with Facebook pixel
  • Conversions objective
  • Page Post Engagement objective
  • Lead generation ads
  • Dynamic ads with Carousel Ads

5. An online home improvement company wants to reach its core customer base with an offer for a product at a low price. The brand wants to track how many people have claimed the offer to understand if the message is relevant to the audience. Which campaign objective should be used to achieve this goal?
  • Engagement
  • Conversions
  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach

6. A new Facebook advertiser has an agency managing its website and advertising. The advertiser is trying to streamline reporting. In order to do so, the agency needs to clean up the number of custom events on the advertiser's website. What information does the advertiser need to provide the agency first?
  • Ad account ID
  • Active standard events
  • Active custom events
  • Pixel ID

7. A small technology company installs a Facebook pixel on its website's checkout page. Facebook reports 20 completed purchases during the past seven days, and the business website reports 50 completed purchases. What should the media buyer do to confirm that the pixel is installed properly?
  • Install and run the Facebook Pixel Helper
  • Verify reporting and pixel functionality via a third party
  • Extend the attribution window to 28 days
  • Install an extra piece of test code

8. A media agency receives the following client brief:
  1. Objective: Awareness of a new shampoo line
  2. Audience: Men ages 25-54, previous purchasers of shampoo
  3. Reach goal: 50%
  4. Additional information: Brand has purchase information from its previous line of shampoo
Which three options can help the advertiser meet its goal? (Choose 3)
  • Gender
  • Custom Audience from a customer file
  • Lookalike Audience
  • Age
  • Interests

9. A client is launching a video campaign for an upcoming holiday sale with a goal of conversions. The campaign reaches three different groups of people in three ad sets. These ad sets consistently under-deliver on their daily budgets. Ads Manager has issued a warning regarding audience overlap. The ad sets are as follows:
  1. Past online purchasers (last 120 days)
  2. Website visitors
  3. Cart abandoners (last 120 days)
What should the buyer change to reduce overlap?
  • Place cart abandoners and website visitors into one ad set
  • Create custom events on the Facebook pixel
  • Exclude past purchasers from the two other ad sets
  • Switch the video creative

10. A pool accessory advertiser wants to generate online sales to new customers of its top-selling products. On average, 80% of people who visit the website buy an item. The company features the entire catalog on the website with category-level product sets and has confirmed that the Facebook pixel is working. The company launches a campaign with the following parameters:
  1. Objective: Conversions
  2. Optimization: Conversions
  3. Duration: June 1 to June 30
  4. Audience: 5 mile radius of 20 store locations
  5. Budget: $5,000,000
  6. Bid cap: $300
  7. Creative: Single images of each product
One week after the campaign launched, the company has only spent 5% of budget. Ads Manager is warning that the audience size is too small. Which is the appropriate adjustment the advertiser should make?
  • Change the radius around store locations to 1 mile
  • Change the targeting to a broad audience
  • Change optimization from conversions to value
  • Change the bid cap to $150

11. A skin care company that sells a variety of products (primarily online) has recently launched a new subscription-model skin-care package and would like to encourage people who have bought products from them before to subscribe. Each subscription has a 90-day supply and a 6-month minimum contract. The company’s website has the Facebook pixel installed with the following standard events: Home Page, Product Page(s), Add to Cart, Purchase. What audience would be most appropriate to help them generate subscription sales?
  • Men and Women 25-43
  • Custom Audience of previous purchasers
  • Lookalike Audience, based on previous purchasers
  • Women 30-55

12. Refer to the chart.
Jawaban Practice Test Facebook Certified Buying
An advertiser is launching a campaign to educate people on its new products. The products are complex and require more detailed explanation than possible in the ads. So the advertiser needs to direct people to a microsite to learn more about the products. The advertiser's goal is to direct as many people as possible to this information within its limited budget.
Which metric should the advertiser optimize?
  • Landing page views
  • Post engagement
  • Estimated ad recall
  • Purchase

13. A retail client is trying to upsell past purchasers of rain coats to buy rain boots. The client has the Facebook pixel installed on the site and a product catalog set up with product sets by category. The client wants to maximize purchases onsite during spring. From previous campaigns, the advertiser has learned:
  1. Previously viewed items tend to have a 2x conversion rate
  2. Sale of rain coats increases 4.5x during inclement weather
  3. The most successful targeting tactic is retargeting based on browsing behavior
Which type of creative should the client use for this campaign?
  • Additional images of rain coats
  • Images from a relevant product set
  • Images of any previously viewed product
  • Images identified by the algorithm for broad audiences

14. A number of companies wish to create Facebook advertising campaigns to reach people over the legal age in Canada. Which of the following would violate Facebook ad policies?
  • A craft brewing company with high alcohol content beer
  • A home delivery app for cannabis products
  • A dating service company that has received prior permission from Facebook
  • An influencer that has a branded content partnership with a credit card company

15. A client appoints a new agency and wants to share its existing Facebook pixel. Which tool should the client use?
  • Business Manager
  • Ads Manager
  • Audience Insights
  • Pixel Helper

16. A retail brand launches a new e-commerce website and wants to begin advertising its product on Facebook and Instagram. The brand uses Business Manager and has connected a Facebook Page to it. After launching its campaign with placement optimization, the brand notices that users cannot click through to its Instagram account from its Instagram ad. What are two possible causes of this issue? (Choose 2)
  • The Instagram business profile and Facebook Page are not connected
  • The Instagram account is not linked to the Business Manager
  • The Instagram account has fewer than 200,000 followers
  • The Instagram business profile was not selected at the ad level

17. A large retailer has set up a campaign using the Reach objective with the following characteristics:
  1. Duration: The campaign launched two weeks ago and is ending in one week
  2. Placements: Facebook News Feed and Audience Network
  3. The retailer notices that mobile is performing better than desktop but the overall frequency is too high, and the campaign is delivering at a lower rate than expected.
What should the retailer do to increase reach and lower costs?
  • Remove Facebook News Feed and add Instagram Stories
  • Use all available placements
  • Switch to the Brand Awareness objective
  • Remove desktop placements

18. A media buyer is responding to a request for proposal from a popular magazine website with the following details:
  1. Goal: Increase monthly visitors to the website
  2. Audience: Males 18-45
  3. Creative assets: Video and images carousel available
  4. Additional information: Custom Audience available
Which optimization should be used to achieve the business goal?
  • Impressions
  • Link clicks
  • Daily unique reach
  • Landing page views

19. A beverage brand needs to generate awareness for one of its popular beverages. The brand measures success by ad recall at each stage of the campaign and must be able to increase spend if positive results occur.
  1. Audience: Males 18-35, living in cities
  2. Budget: $1,000,000 USD
  3. Format available: Video
Which objective should be recommended?
  • Engagement
  • Video Views
  • Brand Awareness
  • Store Traffic Objective

20. A large retail advertiser with more than 5,000 products wants to upsell to consumers who have purchased products on its website. The retailer needs to reach customers who viewed products on the website and did NOT purchase any product. The retailer wants to dynamically retarget this audience. Which objective should be selected when setting up this campaign?
  • Conversions
  • Traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • Catalog Sales

21. A new frozen yogurt store opens in a small town's retail center. The store needs to understand how its Facebook ads impact frozen yogurt sales. What should the shop use to measure these in-store purchases?
  • Facebook pixel
  • Store Traffic objective
  • Offline Conversions
  • Catalog

22. A client has launched a week-long campaign using the reach and frequency buying type and needs to deliver the ads in a sequence. There are three ads for the sequence, and the reach has been set to 60% with a frequency of two per seven days. The client is unable to get all three ads on the sequencing. What is causing the client's problem?
  • The reach is insufficient
  • The buying method is incorrect
  • The ad has not been uploaded properly
  • The set frequency is too low

23. An online clothing store launched a campaign using the Conversions objective 2 weeks ago and is seeing mixed results. The store is optimizing for Purchases. The goal is to maximize ROAS (return on ad spend) while keeping the CPA below $110. Budget is unlimited as long as the buy yields at least 1.5x ROAS. So far, the advertiser has been testing different cost controls at equal budgets. The results are listed below.
Test Facebook Certified Buying Professional Exam
Which change should the advertiser make to achieve its goal?
  • Decrease budget against ad set 1
  • Increase bid and budget against ad set 2
  • Increase budget against ad set 3
  • Increase target cost against ad set 4

24. A retailer launches a campaign to generate sales of a new furniture line.
Campaign details are as follows:
  1. Budget: $100,000 lifetime budget
  2. Flight: 10 weeks
  3. Audience: US, English language, Women ages 25-34; Website Custom Audiences: purchasers, abandon carts and product page visits from the past 90 days
  4. Objective: Conversions
  5. Optimization for ad delivery: Conversions
  6. KPI: Cost per conversion
  7. Conversion window: 1-day click or view
The campaign launched yesterday and has served a few impressions but has minimal spend. Which action should the retailer take for the campaign to start spending?
  • Optimize for impressions
  • Optimize for landing page views
  • Change to Reach objective
  • Decrease the budget

25. A gaming client wants to maximize its return on ad spend for a given campaign.
Ad set 1
Spend: $5,000
Conversion value: $1,000
Ad set 2
Spend: $50,000
Conversion value: $100,000
Ad set 3
Spend: $20,000
Conversion value: $60,000
What change should be made to achieve its goals?
  • Lower the bid on ad set 3
  • Shift budget into ad set 1
  • Raise the bid for ad set 2
  • Shift budget into ad set 3

26. A client launched a campaign using the Conversions objective. The goal was to increase product purchases across a period of 30 days. The setup was as follows:
  1. Bid cap: $28
  2. Daily budget: $200
  3. Optimization: Purchase event
  4. The campaign has been underdelivering for six days with 10 purchases, with a cost per purchase of $25.
Which two adjustments should be made to improve purchase performance? (Choose 2)
  • Switch to accelerated delivery
  • Decrease the budget to control return on ad spend
  • Change the optimization event
  • Use cost cap

27. A client is launching a campaign on Facebook. It wants to understand how many people clicked through to go to its website. Which of the following metrics would give the client the most specific data point?
  • Clicks (All)
  • Unique clicks
  • Outbound clicks
  • Link clicks

28. An app developer has a mobile game that monetizes through in-app purchases. A large number of players are making payments, but the players quit engaging with the game after a few days. The developer decides it needs to mitigate both CPI and ROAS when buying media to account for the expected low LTV. This means that the developer buys for 20% ROAS by Day 7 and wants to maintain an average $5 CPI across all campaigns. As a test, the developer wants to see if the LTV can be improved by buying slightly more expensive installs. The developer runs a Multi-cell lift test holding audiences, creatives and budgets constant across the two. In cell 1, the developer buys against the 20% Day 7 ROAS goal and $5 CPI, and in cell 2, buys only for the 20% goal ignoring CPI. The results are below:
Jawaban Test Facebook Certified Buying Professional Exam

What should the developer do to maximize ROAS?
  • Optimize both for CPI and ROAS
  • Decrease CPI threshold and continue optimizing for both
  • Increase CPI threshold and continue optimizing for both
  • Optimize only for ROAS

29. A retail advertiser launched a campaign in January with the following setup:
  1. Campaign objective: Catalog Sales
  2. Optimization event: Purchase
  3. Buying type: Auction
  4. Bid cap: $20
  5. Products in catalog: 70
The advertiser notices that the campaign did not spend the whole budget in March. However, the ROAS is still above the goal. Refer to the following report:
Jawaban Facebook Certified Exam
What should the advertiser do to avoid underspending in April?
  • Remove products from the catalog
  • Choose a different optimization event
  • Switch to a daily budget
  • Increase the bid cap

30. A store has budgeted $4,500 for its monthly promotion and has a daily budget of $150. The store spends its daily budget in full on weekends. The promotion overall is currently $200 under budget due to underspend on weekdays. What should the media buyer do for next month's campaign to make sure the promotion spends its full budget evenly throughout the flight?
  • Increase daily budgets on weekends
  • Schedule ads to only run during store business hours
  • Change from daily to lifetime budget
  • Decrease campaign bids on the weekend

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